Proofreading should be your last stop before publication.

You’ve been through the editing process, and it’s now my duty to ensure your manuscript is free from any embarrassing errors. You’re SO close to submission—almost there! I’ll provide you with a final quality check.

Whether you only need a proofread or are seeking a copy edit, I’m ready to join your editorial team as another set of eyes to help your manuscript shine. Some of the things I’m on the lookout for include typos, syntax errors, and mistakes in grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Yes, you’ve read through it a million times; yes, you’ve run spell-check; yes, you’ve gone several rounds with your developmental editor, beta readers, and ARC team. But also, yes, your brain overlooks imperfections because you know what you’re writing already; and yes, spell-check is a useful tool, but it doesn’t catch syntax and formatting errors; and yes, your developmental editor is awesome, but content editing is entirely different from proofreading and copy editing; and yes, your beta readers and ARC team are wonderful resources who offer invaluable feedback, but they aren’t necessarily trained in the rules of grammar and syntax and flow.

My goal is the same as yours: To present your audience with a story they are one hundred percent able to stay focused on, while smoothly and easily reading through a flawless text. You want them to remember the substance of your writing, not balking at double-word typos, a misused homophone, or a forgotten comma.

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