1 Week

This is your final polish before publication. That last read through to catch any little things that have fallen through the cracks. I’ll check for typos, errors in grammar, spelling, punctuation, syntax, word repetition, verb tense agreement, and formatting, such as technical consistency in font usage, numerals, and capitalization.


One-Pass Copy Editing

1 – 2 Weeks

Done after all other editing has been completed. Encompasses all the proofreading services, plus: checking for continuity errors, factually incorrect statements, inconsistencies within story including plot line and characterizations, suggestions to improve clarity of expression, alleviate repetitiveness, assistance with sentence structure, confusing transitions, awkward phrasing, pacing problems, and overall cohesiveness.


Two-Pass Copy Editing

2 Weeks – First Pass
1 Week – Second Pass

Entails the same scope of service as the One-Pass Copy Edit plus an additional pass for the final proofread after you have made your revisions. The first pass will be booked for a full two weeks (ten working days) and the second pass will be booked for one week (5-7 working days). Both slots will be reserved at time of contract acceptance and booking.


Terms and Conditions

Upon request, a complimentary sample edit will be furnished before contract acceptance.

Sample edit will consist of five pages and will be returned to you along with a contract of service (see Process below for further information) for your review.


Upon acceptance of contract, fifty percent (50%) of project total is due at time of booking.

Upon completion of project, the remaining fifty percent (50%) of invoice must be paid in full before the manuscript is returned.


Step 1.

Fill out the Inquiry Form and email me your project for assessment.

I will gauge the content to see if it falls within or outside of my standard rate of service, as well as get an accurate word count in order to give you a firm price for service.

Step 2.

I will send you a contract.

It will include the scope of service, cost, payment terms, and time frame. Upon acceptance and return of contract, and receipt of payment, I will start work on your project.

Step 3.

Pay your final invoice.

As I’m nearing completion of your project, I’ll email you with a precise return day/time along with a link to settle up the remainder of the invoice.

Step 4.

I return your project to you.

I proofread with the Track Changes feature enabled in order to make it very easy for you to see any corrections that need to be made. As you review your project, you can simply accept or reject any markups I’ve made.

Get your project sent off to its final destination. Congratulations on all your hard work!